Traffic statistics for the last 24 hours

Silistra Zone

The table below shows the 24h statistics of passing vessels in Silistra. Charging is at borderline and displayed parameters are received from the vessel's AIS transmitter.

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NameAIS TypeMMSICallsignSizeDate/TimeActionDestination
Ukraine KAPITAN KYUSELINGCargo ship 272040300UVLH176 x 33Jun 17, 21:17 UTCпреминал от запад на изтокIZMAIL
Switzerland ROBERT BURNSPassenger ship 269057635HE7635135 x 12Jun 17, 21:17 UTCcrossing from east to westBPEST-TULCEA-BPEST
Romania METALTRADE 4Cargo ship 264163161YP316115 x 9Jun 17, 19:20 UTCcrossing from east to westNOVISAD
Serbia KAJMAKCALANWIG 279202155YT2155N/AJun 17, 17:27 UTCпреминал от запад на изтокCONSTANTA
Romania PHOENIX JUPITER-P-IOther type 264162615YP261580 x 9Jun 17, 16:29 UTCcrossing from east to westSOMOVIT
Romania CONPREFUnknown264162325EL185 x 0Jun 17, 16:28 UTCcrossing from east to westOLTENITA
Romania PHOENIX JUPITER-P-IOther type 264162615YP261580 x 9Jun 17, 15:24 UTCпреминал от запад на изтокSOMOVIT
Romania PHOENIX MARSCargo ship 264163340YP334086 x 18Jun 17, 15:23 UTCcrossing from east to westORYAHOVO
Romania TITIROVCargo ship 264163202YP320217 x 13Jun 17, 14:57 UTCпреминал от запад на изтокCOJ
Moldova DURNSTEINCargo ship 214182519ERYS32 x 11Jun 17, 14:37 UTCcrossing from east to westLINZ>>