Silistra Municipality

Silistra is a part of the North- Central Planing Region. The city is the administrative center of the Municipality of Silistra. Silistra is the most north-eastern part of the territory of Bulgaria, bordering on land and water Romania. The location of Silistra reveals rich and varied possibilities for use of the river as part of the tourism product.

Silistra is one of the oldest Bulgarian cities with 1900 years of history. The Ancient city "Durostorum" was established as a Roman fortress. There are many ancient Roman relics in the region, and also a 15 km Roman road. The first written notice of the city is in the order of Emperor Trajan from year 106 AD to move the XI Claudius Legion of Pannonia in Durostorum. Durostorum became a self-governing city municipalium in year 169 AD, under the Emperor - philosopher Marcus Aurelius. Around 590 AD, the Slavs settled here. They also gave a new name of the city in that period- Drastar. 

Today the settlement network includes 19 settlements, one of which is the city of Silistra.

Main ports in the city:

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