About Dahar Project - SEE/B/0003/3.3/X

The project DaHar- "Danube Inland Harbour Development", in which Silistra Municipality is a partner, was launched in April 2011 and the period of performance is 36 months- by the end of March 2014. The overall aim of DaHar is to contribute to the better integration of inland navigation within the transport logistical chain by focussing on the multi-modal and logistical development of ports and port areas in small and medium-sized South East European (SEE) cities along the Danube. As a final goal is envisaged the elaboration of a integrated strategy for functional specialisation in the Danube logistic chain, which will be presented in Brussels and adopted at European level. Silistra will be included as a port city in the logistic chain between ports on the Danube.

This site for RIS-SILISTRA allows public awareness of citizens about the movement of ships on Danube river along the Silistra region, and enables to use the potential of port infrastructure in the region. The site is developed as part of the activities of Silistra Municpality in DaHar and it is one of the working parts in the project, namely: Exploiting the development and cooperation potentials of participating ports through transfer of knowledge.

The information, provided in this site about the ship tracking in the region of Silistra, is in real time and can be freely used by companies and citizens. This would facilitate users of the site in wide range of activities such as logistics, travel services, environment and navigability, recreational activities (water sports) and others.

For more information about DaHar project: www.dahar.eu